Tower Light, 45mm LED 1 Stack, Steady, 12VAC/VDC, Red Lens with built-in buzzer


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Size 45mm diameter
Maximum tier 5 stacks
Power Supply 12VAC/DC 24VAC/DC 90 ~240VAC
R 55mA 30mA 22mA
Y 70mA 45mA 25mA
G 40mA 35mA 25mA
B 36mA 35mA 25mA
C 40mA 35mA 25mA
Flash rate Approx. 80 +/- 5 flashes/min.
Certificate/Compliance RoHS, UL
Vibration Operating extremes: 10~55Hz, amplitude 0.75mm
Ambient Temperature -15 ~ 40 celsius
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 70 celsius
Lens Material PC Plastic
Ambient humidity 45 ~ 85% RH
Degree of Protection IP55
Recommended wire size UL1007/22AWG
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Mounting Options

(1) Mounting Poles

MAP-0022 Ø20mm x 0.87inch(22mm)H pole
MAP-0060 Ø20mm x 2.36inch(60mm)H pole
MAP-0240 Ø20mm x 2.36inch(60mm)H pole
MAP-0750 Ø20mm x 9.45inch(750mm)H pole
MAP-1000 Ø20mm x 39.37inch(1000mm)H pole
MAP-M043 Ø20mm x 1.69inch(43mm)H threaded pole with 2 nuts
MAP-M240 Ø20mm x 9.45inch(240mm)H threaded pole with 2 nuts
MAP-M750 Ø20mm x 29.53inch(750mm)H threaded pole with 2 nuts
MAP-M1000 Tower Light Accessory, Pole, M20x1000mm with 2 x M20 Nuts & Washer
MAP-N033 Conduit Direct Mounting Adaptor - 1/2 inch NPT Mounting Adaptor

(2) Mounting Base

MAM-B070C MENICS Tower Light Accessory, Base, Plastic, 70mm (For MT / PRE / PTE / PME Lights, 45/56mm)
MAM-B070D MENICS Tower Light Accessory, Plastic base mounting, 70mm (For MT / PTE / PRE / PME Lights, 45/56mm, Water proof gasket
MAM-DS42R-20C Tower/Signal Light Accessory, Folding Base, 180 Angle, Aluminum, for 20mm dia Pole
MAM-470R-20 MENICS Tower Light Accessory, Base, Plastic, 90mm (For MT 85mm), One Screw type
MAM-DS32A Tower/Signal Light Accessory, Base, Aluminum, Locking bolt type for MAP-0060, 0240, 0750, 1000

(3) Mounting Bracket

MAM-DS25 MENICS signal light accessory, 90 degree angle wall mount metal bracket, (For 20mm Threaded Pole)
MAP-DS40-BGE MENICS signal light accessory, Plastic wall mount 70mm base, Apply all pole types
MAP-DS40-BLK MENICS signal light accessory, Wall Mount Bracket, Plastic, Black


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