70mm Multicolored LED Signal light, Direct Mount, Steady & Flashing & Buzzer, 12-24VDC, Red/Blue/Green LED, Milky Lens


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Model MS70LT MS70S MS70M
Function Flashing, Buzzer Flashing Steady, Flashing, Buzzer
Power Supply 12 ~ 24VDC

110~220VAC (AC 50/60Hz)

12-48VDC 110VAC 220VAC(AC 50/60Hz) 12-24VDC 110~220VAC
Flashing type 0.08~0.2A 0.07A 0.04A LED Steady
0.12~0.16A 0.04~0.05A 0.22A 0.04~0.06A
Flashing + Buzzer type LED Steady +Buzzer
0.16~0.21A 0.05~0.06A 0.26A 0.05~0.06A
Certificate/Compliance RoHS
Flash rate - Normal flashing : 75±5 time/minute
- 3 pattern flashing (Emergency signal)
: 130±5 time/minute
80±5/times min 77±5/times min 60±5/times min

12VDC : 65±5 /times min

24VDC : 60±5 /times min

70±5/times min
Buzzer sound level min 50 ~ max 80±5dB - min 50 ~ max 75±5dB
Vibration 10 to 55Hz (cycle 1 minute) Amplitude 0.75mm X, Y, Z 1 hour in each direction
Ambient Temperature -20 to 50°C
Storage Temperature -20 to 70°C
Ambient humidity 45~85% RH
Degree of Protection IP65 (IP50-Buzzer type)
Recommended wire size UL 2464/18AWG UL1007/22AWG
Weight app.196g~198g
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(1) Mounting Poles

MAP-225-22 Tower/Signal Light Accessory, ©ª22mm Pole, 225mm, 1/2" PT thread top (for PY7 & MS70)
MAP-M240-22D Tower/Signal Light Accessory, ©ª22mm Pole, 240mm, 1/2" NPT thread top & 2 x M20 Nuts bottom (for PY7 & MS70)

(2) Mounting Base

MAM-DS32C Tower/Signal Light Accessory, Base, Aluminum, Locking bolt type for ©ª22mm (for PY7 & MS70)
MAM-470R-22 Tower/Signal Light Accessory, Folding Base, 90 Angle, Plastic, for 22mm dia Pole
MAM-DS42R-22C Tower/Signal Light Accessory, Folding Base, 180 Angle, Aluminum, for 22mm dia Pole

(3) Mounting Bracket

MAM-DS25 MENICS signal light accessory, 90 degree angle wall mount metal bracket, (For 20mm Threaded Pole)
MAM-DS38 Tower/Signal Light Accessory, Wall Mount, Bracket, Steel (for PY7 & MS70)


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