Electro Mechanical Power Relay, DIN Rail mount & screw terminals, 30A SPST NO, 24VDC coil input


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Contact specifications
Configuration 1 2
Material Silver alloy
Max. Switching current 30A 25A
Rated max. resistive load 30A at 30VDC/277VAC 25A at 30VDC/277VAC
Min. switching requirement* 100mA 5VDC
* Min. Switching requirement: If load require low current, you may consider a troubleshooting for operation. For a proper operation, a dummy resistance should be added in parallel on the load to provide current more than min. Switching requirement (100mA 5VDC)
Coil specifications
Voltage range 6VDC to 110VDC, 6VAC to 240VAC
Power consumption DC: 1.9W approx. 6-48VAC: 1.7-1.9VA
100/120VAC: 1.9-2.7VA 200/240VAC: 1.8-2.6VA
Minimum operating voltage 80% of rated coil voltage
Dropout voltage DC Coil: 10% of rated voltage
AC Coil: 30% of rated voltage
General information
Operating Time 30ms
Dropout time 30ms
Isulation resistance 100mΩ min. (500VDC)
Dielectric strength Between contacts: 2,000Vrms 1 min.
Between contact & coil: 4,000Vrms 1 min.
Mechanical life 1,000,000 operations
Electrical life 100,000 operations
Vibration resistanceFunctional 10~55Hz at double amplitude of 1.5mm
Ambient temperature -10°C ~ +60°C (-14°F ~ +140°F) at non freezing
Ambient humidity 35~85% RH
Weight TB type: 90g(3.2oz), QB type: 120g(4.2oz)
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