Autonics Encoder, Incremental, 6mm Shaft, 30 PPR, Quadrature & Index Line Driver Output, 5 VDC


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Diameter ø40mm shaft type/hollow type/built-in type incremental rotary encoder E40 Series newly adds Line Driver output supporting power voltage 12-24VDC range to allow more diverse user applications. Moreover, the series could be ideal solutions for narrow space by minimizing space limit. Small moment of inertia is another feature of the series to optimize user convenience.

Main features
  • 12-24VDC power supply of line driver output(Line-up)
  • Easy installation at narrow space
  • Small moment of inertia
  • Power supply : 5VDC, 12-24VDC ±5%
  • Various output types
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    Item Diameter ø40mm shaft/hollow shaft/hollow built-in type of incremental rotary encoder
    Resolution(P/R) ¶ 1 *1, *2 ,*5, 10, *12, 15, 20, 23, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60, 75, 100, 120, 150, 192, 200, 240, 250, 256, 300, 360, 400, 500, 512, 600, 800, 1000, 1024, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000, 2048, 2500, 3000, 3600, 5000 (Not indicated resolution is customizable.)
    Electrical specification Output phase A, B, Z phase (Line driver A, A(bar), B, B(bar), Z, Z(bar) phase)
    Phase difference of output Phase difference between A and B : T/4 ± T/8 (T=1cycle of A phase)
    Totem pole output • Low - Load current:Max. 30mA, Residual voltage : Max. 0.4VDC
    • High - Load current:Max. 10mA, Output voltage(Power voltage 5VDC):Min. (Power voltage-2.0)VDC,
    Output voltage(Power voltage 12-24VDC):Min. (Power voltage-3.0)VDC
    NPN open collector output Load current: Max. 30mA, Residual voltage : Max. 0.4VDC
    Voltage output Load current: Max. 10mA, Residual voltage : Max. 0.4VDC
    Line driver output • Low - Load current : Max. 20mA, Residual voltage : Max. 0.5VDC
    • High - Load current : -20mA, Output voltage(Power voltage 5VDC): Min. 2.5VDC,
    Output voltage(Power voltage 12-24VDC): Min. (Power voltage-3.0)VDC
    Response time (Rise/Fall) Totem pole output Max. 1µs • Measuring condition - Cable length : 2m, I sink = 20mA
    NPN open collector output
    Voltage output
    Line driver output Max. 0.5µs
    Max. Response frequency 300kHz
    Power supply • 5VDC ±5%(Rlpple P-P : Max. 5%)
    • 12-24VDC ±5%(Rlpple P-P : Max. 5%)
    Current consumption Max. 80mA(disconnection of the load), Line driver output : Max. 50mA(disconnection of the load)
    Insulation resistance Min. 100MΩ(at 500VDC megger between all terminals and case)
    Dielectric strength 750VAC 50/60Hz for 1 minute(Between all terminals and case)
    Connection Cable type, 250mm connector cable type
    Starting torque Shaft type : Max. 40gf·cm(0.004N·m), Hole type : Max. 50gf·cm(0.005N·m)
    Moment of inertia Max. 40g·cm²(4×10-6 kg·m²)
    Shaft loading Radial : Max. 2kgf, Thrust : Max. 1kgf
    Max. allowable revolution ¶ 2 5000rpm
    Vibration 1.5mm amplitude or 300m/s2 at frequency of 10 to 55Hz(for 1 min.) in each of X, Y, Z directions for 2 hours
    Shock Approx. Max. 50G
    Environment Ambient temperature -10 to 70°C, storage : -25 to 85°C
    Ambient humidity 35 to 85%RH, storage : 35 to 90%RH
    Protection IP50(IEC standard) ¶ Option type is available for IP64 (IEC standard).
    Cable ø5, 5-wire, Length : 2m, Shield cable(Line driver output : ø5, 8-wire)
    (AWG24, Core diameter: 0.08, Number of cores: 40, Insulator out diameter: ø1)
    Accessory • Shaft type :ø6mm coupling standard, ø8mm coupling(Sold separately)
    • Hole type : Bracket
    Approval CE(Except line driver output)
    Unit weight Approx. 160g
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    ¶ 1: '*' pulse is only for A, B phase(Line Driver output is for A, A(bar), B, B(bar) phase)
    ¶ 2: Make sure that. Max response revolution should be lower than or equal to max. allowable revolution when selecting the resolution.
    [Max. response revolution(rpm)= Max. response frequency / Resolution × 60 sec]
    ¶ Environment resistance is rated at no freezing or condensation. 




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